I Have Been Blessed

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Weight Watchers Points Plus

It was time. Time to make a change, so that the number on the scale started to go down, instead of up, or stagnant. With the last pregnancy, I gained ten pounds right away, and I guess although I miscarried, my body thought it should hold onto those ten pounds, you know, just in case.

Throughout January I have been counting calories, but it’s a pain, for one, and in three weeks, I only lost two pounds. And for all the work, I need a little better results!!! Mom has been thinking about going to Weight Watchers, so I invited myself and tagged along. We had our first meeting last Thursday, and just like at the scale at home …. I was THE NUMBER minus my two pounds.

Tomorrow is our weigh in day…..hopefully I take a few more pounds off THE NUMBER!!! Pray for me as I go on this real weight loss journey.

If you are on the journey too, I have started a Yahoo Group for encouragement, recipe swaps, etc.  WW Points Plus Pals – you can join here:


Five Special Blessings to Me today: Mom (with whom to do WW with – my natural encourager), Austin (my cheerleader, support person), Brendyn (who will ask about everything I put in my mouth – “How many points is that Mom?”), a WW Calculator (carried with me where ever I go right now until I figure out how many points it is!!), and God (who Will Give me the victory over my weight loss!!)

Hope you have an especially Blessed Day!