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Federal Income Tax Course

National Tax Training School very generously offered us the opportunity to review their Federal Income Tax Course. While deciding if we were a good candidate for this review (I do our family’s taxes, usually with the help of an online program), I was looking around their website and it occurred to me that this might be an excellent program for my Dad. He is retired, loves learning, and could use a few extra dollars. I talked to him about taking this class and he was interested. This is a course designed to help you learn the ins and outs of tax preparation, not only for yourself, but for others. They are the only nationally accredited correspondence school specializing in tax training. They prepare you to take the IRS Registered Tax Preparer Exam.

This course comes in two shipments. The first shipment you receive includes a huge binder with 20 lessons. Each lesson is said to take about 8 hours of study each. You can complete the course in as little as eight weeks, but you have one year to fully finish it. See the course outline. Also included are self-check practice tests and exams which are mailed in, graded, and sent back to you, with not only what you missed, but an explanation of why you missed it, and where to find that information in the lesson again to refresh on it. They even give you self-addressed envelopes that only require a stamp.

After you have completed lesson 17, you receive your next package, which includes your Final Exam (with envelope), a certificate order form, Practical Case Studies, a 15 page Guide to State Personal Income Taxes, information on taking the IRS Agent Examination, and two books.

The first book is Building,Marketing, & Operating a Profitable Tax Practice {a practical, step-by-step, working guide to running a successful, efficient, & lucrative professional tax practice}. This text outlines what you need to know to do taxes for others and includes sample letters, fees, how to expand your practice, ethical responsibilities, how to handle an audit, marketing, etc. The other book included is the Federal Tax Handbook for 2012. This is a huge volume of 834 pages (and a 75 page index) that starts with highlighting what is new, the tax calendar and quick reference card, and then goes into 26 chapters of information.

This is so much more than a test-prep course. This is a full education on preparing taxes. They offer two payment options. $795 for the course with 4 years of post-graduate support, or $495 with two years of post-graduate support. (Payment options are available). The post-graduate support gives you full access to their online, annual Tax Change Bulletins and allows you to be able to contact your instructor with any questions that will arise as your tax practice grows.

My dad can see the benefit of this course. It will allow him to be able to help others and maybe earn a fee by doing their taxes for them. He says it is a little “dry”, but not difficult to go through. The information is easily laid out and accessible. They are also working on an online version of this course. While I personally prefer to be able to hold what I am studying, the online accessibility will make testing much easier and the grading more immediate.

It was a true blessing to be able to review this course.

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