I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.

Eight years ago

Eight years ago, I was 22 and he was 25. Today, well, you can add eight if you want to.

Eight years ago, we were still learning about life. Today, we’ve learned a lot more, but we are still learning.

Eight years ago, we were still learning how to be parents. Today, we have a lot more people to practice with.

Eight years ago, Brendyn was only 3. Today, Brendyn is 11, Tyler is 6, Madelynne is 5, Adreya is 3, Wyatt is 2, and Cassidy is 4 months (or actually will be tomorrow!)

Eight years ago, we made a commitment that with or without the “Happily” (hopefully with), this was our “Ever After”. Today, we’re still pushing towards our “Happily Ever After.”

Eight years ago, we were still imagining what love could be like, and just stepping into the depths of it. Today, the depths of our love grows stronger and stronger. We are more in love today than we could have even imagined eight years ago.

Eight years ago, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, I said, “I do.” Today, I am so thankful for that decision!

Eight years ago, we had different values, different ideas, different friends, a different life. Today, God has shown us so much. He has blessed us with bigger plans, Godly friends, Christian values. He has enriched our lives beyond our own limited ideas.

Eight years ago, we hadn’t experienced many of  the ups and downs, and the heartaches that come with life. We hadn’t formed the bonds that going through those ups and downs Together bring. Today, we are closer because of it.

Eight years ago, I married the love of my life, my best friend. Today, he is still the love of my life, my best friend, the one I turn to, want, need, love.

God has blessed us in our marriage, and my cup runneth over. So thankful for our eight years! And can’t wait for the years to come.

I am SO Blessed!


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Starting off right

I think there is a desire in most of us to “be the best we can be”. I know I am always striving to see how I can improve – being a better Wife, A better Mom, a better friend, sister, daughter, Christian. I am trying to be diligent in my Bible Study, using a Modified technique I saw here. They use the SOAP approach to Bible Study. For their “S’ – they actually write out the Scripture (they are beginning a Bible Study in Ephesians on Monday), but for mine I am just writing down my daily devotional piece (right now in Genesis). The “O” is an Observation. The “A” is application, and then the “P’ is to pray over what you have read. I am hoping this approach to my Through-the-Bible-in-a-year will not only keep me accountable, but also keep in my mind longer and throughout the day what I have read. It focuses me to try to find the hidden treasures in God’s Word.

I am also doing an online Study with a group, originated from Treasures from a Shoebox. They are going through the Book, Created to Be His Helpmeet. I have read this book once, and have referenced it a couple of times, but am excited to be doing an online study with what looks to be like a great group of Women.

The third thing going on in my bag of tricks is reading through Teach Them Diligently, and beginning using charts I bought from Doorposts, to focus the children’s misbehavior back to the Bible. Showing them that rules aren’t just arbitrary things came up with by mean parents, but actually commands from God. In this, the goal is that the children learn to draw closer to God by obeying Him first!

It really has been a great 2012 so far! And we are looking forward to everything this year has for us. Especially Baby Cassidy who will be joining our family soon (27 days!!!) I hope your year has started off right for you and that you already see God’s Blessings.

I know We have Been Blessed!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: God’s Word, My Salvation, My Wonderful Husband, My Beautiful Children, Baby # 6 Coming Soon!

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The happiest girl in the World

This should be a post about the Wedding, but it isn’t. Because truthfully, we’re not home yet, and I wrote this a couple days ago! Well, it is about a Wedding, it’s just not about Betsy’s! Seven years ago today, I married the man God chose just for me. SEVEN! Today is my Anniversary, and I am reminded, every day, how lucky I am! I didn’t marry the Perfect Man, and he didn’t marry the Perfect Woman, but his weaknesses are my strengths, and his strengths are my weaknesses. God chose him for me, and me for him, which makes our union perfect! God has blessed us with four children together! God has seen fit to take care of us, bless us, and I can truly say that we are as happy as we’ve ever been, even considering external circumstances!

I love my husband! He is a great father to our children, a hard worker, an honest man, loyal, committed, my best friend. And I love him more and more as everyday passes. I loved him when we got married, but the love I have for him now so much surpasses the love I had seven years ago. SEVEN!!

So Happy Seventh Anniversary! Wishing for decades more! I have been Blessed!

Five Special Blessings to me Today: Austin – for being the man he is, Austin – for being the man I could fall in love with and marry, Austin – for being the Father to my children and the step-father to Brendyn, Austin – for his hard-working, get-it-done attitude, Austin – for being the person I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with!

Have a Blessed Day!

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Getting Fluent

For book club this past month, we read the Five Love Languages. It is a book I have heard about forever and knew the concept, but hadn’t yet read. I found it very enlightening. All through the book, I thought, “this is me” or “this is Austin”, this is “so and so” ….

I am sure most people know the premise of the book, that different people give and receive love differently. There are five languages: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gifts, and Quality Time.

I am also reading the Five Love Languages for Children book, constantly evaluating my children trying to figure out their individual language and “speak” it to them. Although the children’s book recommends “speaking” all five languages to your children, so they become “fluent” in each language.

So far, I think Brendyn is Quality Time, Tyler is Words of Affirmation, and Madelynne is Physical Touch. Adreya and Wyatt are too young to evaluate. It has been an interesting journey. According to Gary Chapman, the author, kid’s who have their love-tanks full, have less discipline problems! I’ll learn any language to run a smoother household!

I recommend it. Everyone is in a relationship with someone, and if it helps us learn to be happier in those relationships, I am all about it. I think next up on the Reading Block is “Raising Godly Tomatoes”, which is actually not a farming book, but a child-rearing book. I have read it before and loved it, and I am ready to read it again!!

Five special Blessings to me Today: People that went before us, figured it out, and shared it in their books, The best child-rearing book of all – my Bible, Love (I wonder if I have even thanked God for the emotion of Love), People to Love, People who love me!!

Hope your day is filled with Love and Blessings!

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A Week Without

So, it wasn’t quite the ten days we planned, but we made it seven days … SEVEN …with not a single bite of solid food (well, unless you count that one taste test of Cantelope Austin had, so he could see if it tasted good enough for us to sell at Market.)

It was an  interesting experience, but one I am glad it’s over. It seemed to do exactly what we wanted it to. It cleared us out, put us on a new start. We are eating so many fruits and vegetables. I watched TV and didn’t feel like I needed to eat. Food tastes better. Flavors are stronger. Tomatoes taste yummy. We are drinking more fluids (something I have never been good at!) I am satisfied with less. We are still losing weight. I am not getting close to my points total because we are really filling up on fruits and veggies.

I am proud of us. I really wondered whether we could do it. I wondered whether we’d kill each other (or want to). Wondered if my kids would try to force feed me in my sleep because I was so crabby (or if I would need to force feed Austin in his sleep!! LOL) But we made it. We didn’t kill ourselves (or each other!!), and to my knowledge, I wasn’t force fed while sleeping.

Before the fast, we watched FireProof, and since I have the Love Dare Book, I asked Austin if we should do it (just for fun!) He said, let’s wait until after the fast, We might need it then!! Haha.  Glad to say, we didn’t. We both tried to stay busy, have a drink always near by to stave off hunger, encourage each other in our weak moments. I chewed gum to alleviate the need to chew something. The biggest danger was commercials. Every other commercial on TV at night is for some restaraunt or food. Food we weren’t eating. A commercial break conversation sounded like this:

Ooooh, A cheeseburger, I want a cheeseburger.

Yum, did you see that Fish, I really want that fish.

Oh wait, Maybe I really want the ribs.

For two people not eating food, we did an awful lot of talking about it!! But now we’re done. Cumulatively, we’ve lost about twenty pounds and are happily eating smaller portions of healthier food!! Yay us!!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Grilled Chicken, A Baked Potato, Dumplings, A Banana, Chai Tea

Have a Yummy and Blessed Day!

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Knit together

I have been teaching myself  to knit. I am following a simple pattern and am happy with the results so far. But it got me thinking. Knots are not generally something I view as positive. Knots in my jewelry, on ropes, strings, ties. Knots in my hair, or worse, Madelynne’s hair. But knitting takes something I see negatively and makes it pretty, makes it all work together.
And that actually got me thinking about my marriage. God has used lots of strings and lots of knots to ‘knit’ Austin and I together. Some of the colors God used I loved (Brendyn, Tyler, Madelynne, Adreya, Wyatt) but some of the colors He used, I didn’t like (trials, struggles, adversity) but God was still using even the bad things to bring us closer together.
I am so Blessed to have a husband I like and love. Blessed that I love him more today than yesterday. More this month than last month. More this year than last year. Every day we become more knit together and I couldn’t be happier.
Five special blessings to me today: Austin, tax refunds, fresh strawberries, my mom, menu planning
Hope you have a blessed day too!