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What are you Wearing?

A few days ago a man was fired from National Public Radio for making a statement about being frightened on an airplane when he saw someone in Muslim Dress. This prompted the radio station I was listening to to ask the question, “Is it fair to judge someone by the way they dress?” My answer: Absolutely.

We know starting at a certain age of childhood that our clothes and the way we look help determine the impression someone is going to have on us. Most people dress purposely knowing what impression they are hoping to give, or not give. The choice of tight-fitting clothes, low-cut shirts, baggy pants, all black, etc. give off on impression.

I have made a choice to only wear long skirts. Why? It is not because I think that this is the uniform required for modesty. I believe¬†a nicely cut pant suit on a woman could be modest. There are jeans and T-shirts that could be modest. I don’t choose to wear skirts primarily as a¬†modesty issue. I wear them because of the impression that it gives. When strangers see me and judge me by my dress – their assumption jumps straight to Conservative Christian – without a word out of my mouth, without carrying a Bible under my arm – because of what I wear, that assumption is made of me. I choose to dress a certain way, because God has allowed to me have minutes of witnessing and testimony given to complete strangers who asked me about God, Jesus, my church, etc. Based solely on the fact that they made an assumption of me based on my clothing and I dress purposely to create that first impression.

What impression are you giving? And this goes so much beyond our clothes. What’s on your face – a smile, a frown, a scowl? I hope to always try to make the right first impression!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Austin!!, the kids, my parents and in-laws, sisters and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews

I Hope your Day is Extremely Blessed!

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