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Flea Circus

My kids love games – board games, card games, computer games….so when we got the package with our first review product in it, I knew to wait to open it until naptime! Once the two little ones were down, I opened up the package of our first review item – Flea Circus by RnR Games.

This game is intended for ages 6 and up, but after I explained the rules, (You can see them here.) Maddy and Tyler caught on quickly. The basics of the games is that your fleas are putting on a circus, and the dogs and cats (little rubberized toys) come to see you. The better your act, the more pets that come. There are also some strategic cards, like the Animal Catcher, Free Tickets, etc. A cat is worth 1 point, a Dog is worth 2 points. So a circus card that was worth 4 pets could be 4 cats, 2 dogs, or 1 dog and 2 cats! (And yes, the mom and homeschooler in me loved that even Maddy was doing this simple addition as she tried to choose whether she wanted more cats, or more dogs!!)

At the end, when the pets run out, you count your points to see who wins (and again, loved that counting by two’s – although I did have to help Madelynne with that part!) I thought the cards were cute (the weight-lifting flea and theĀ  flea being shot out of the cannon were our favorites!)

Overall, the kids loved it, and it has become a requested game at naptime! This game retails for $15.95, but until 12/31/11, RnR games is offering a special 20% discount on any of their products by using the code CREW20. (I might be checking out what other games they have available for birthdays or Christmas!!!) This game and others are available here. We really enjoyed playing it!

We did receive this game free to provide an honest review for this product, which I feel I have done. This post is linked with other Reviewers who reviewed this product here.

We are so Blessed!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Cooperation in children when playing a game, Opportunities to try something new, That my children like spending time together, Learning good sportsmanship, When learning is disguised as a game!

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