I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.

Everything’s gonna be alright

I am doing okay. God has really been clear to show me His peace. When I start to dwell or get in the “this is not fair” frame of mind, a Bible verse will pop in my head, and I will know that this is going to be okay. One thing that has really stayed with me is That I don’t have to UNDERSTAND the reason, to KNOW there is a reason. God’s plan is ALWAYS perfect.

Going to start the whole weight-loss thing. I really would like to get into a better place with that. Started on the diet today. Watched the Biggest Loser and felt inspired to do 500 steps on the board. I figured if they could do it, I could definately do it. Thought about quitting after 250, but pushed my way through. Legs are definately tingling, but that’s a good thing, right?

We played Doggy-pile with the kids. They were hilarious. Even Adreya would lay on the floor for Tyler and Maddy to lay on top of her and then say Mommy (or Daddy) “Get Doggy Pile”. She’s gonna be a tough one!

Five special blessings to me today: Kids that make me laugh, Encouragement that can come from anywhere, God’s peace, A mind that is full of misc. Bible verses that pop up just when I need them, a Church Family that I can count on!

Hope your day is more blessed than mine!

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Blessings in Sorrow

Five special blessings to me today: A Heaven I know is real, A husband who is understanding, comforting, and supportive, Friends and family that will actually pray when they say they will and offer words of comfort, Children who will give me as many kisses and hugs as I ask for, Seeing the heartbeat and knowing that if even for a day – he lived inside my body and he was mine.

Hope your day is more blessed than mine!

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