I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.

Growth Spurt

After vacation, baby Cassidy started getting fussy. We weren’t sure if it was readjusting her schedule, changes in my diet, a growth spurt, teething, or some combination. After about a week of her just being not-her-usual-happy-self, she started to pull out of it, and we knew she had just hit a growth spurt and was waiting for my milk to catch up to her. And she was ready to start solids, which helped too! I knew around six months she would get a growth spurt, I just wasn’t ready for my baby to be that big yet! (She does technically have another week and a half), but, seriously, how has it been almost six months already?

Now that she is passed it she is going all kinds of babbling. According to the resident experts around here (AKA the other kids) she can say Dada, Bubba, Butter, Gaga, and they say she even said Mama, although I haven’t heard that one yet. Every day  Cassidy and I have talking practice where I try to get her to say Mama, and she promptly says Dada. Wyatt has even started to practice with her. “Say Wyatt. Say Wyatt. Say Wy – Att”

We are gearing up for school. And I am ready. Ready to get started. To crack open our new books. Put pencil (or pen, or crayon) to paper. To get into the routine of it all. We are using My Father’s World this year. Maddy is officially in Kindergarten, so she will be doing their Kindergarten program and Adreya and Wyatt are going to do it with her. Brendyn and Tyler will be doing Exploring Countries and Cultures, which I think is timely for us since my sister is on deputation to be a missionary in Colombia, and Austin’s sister is currently in Africa on the end of their six-week Mission Trip. The missionary focus of Exploring Countries and Cultures (ECC) will be a great year for us. Now I just have to finish cleaning the house and organizing the school room and buy our school supplies …

We have been blessed. Five Special Blessings to Me Today: The opportunity to homeschool, Our local homeschool group, Homeschool groups online doing MFW which whom to get ideas from, an internet connection, Kids who can’t wait to start school

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