I Have Been Blessed

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Chores, Schedules, Reward Charts, Oh My….

In my spare time (I can manage to eek out 3-5 minutes a day!), I have been revamping, redoing, and reorganizing what will soon be our *new* Chore Chart, Schedule, and Reward System. It’s a little bit MOTH, a little bit Chore Packs, a little bit Accountable Kids, and a little bit Lee Family Wisdom (i.e. – What works for us!)

I don’t have it all figured out yet. Well, I have the individual components *mostly* figured out. I just don’t have the BIG *this is how it all comes together* part figured out. I’m still thinking on it.

Each child will have 3 chore packs (morning, afternoon, evening) and there will be 5 ‘levels’ of rewards … (Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Silver/Gold). Trying to think of a visual *something* that represents each child, their chore packs, and what color they are on. That’s not asking too much is it??

If you have any ideas feel free to comment.


Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Finally making it to my second trimester and getting a little more energy, My very first ever Pregnancy Massage tomorrow!, A Wonderful Ladies Meeting last night, Friends, My Salvation