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Book Review – Crazy Love

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

I love a book that challenges you to be better. The title of the Book, comes from the fact that We are who we are, and God loves us so much more than we deserve, and in our human-minds, this is a crazy concept. WHO do you love enough to sacrifice your only born child for? Yeah, me either. But God loves me this much, isn’t that crazy!

The book challenges in a way, that here God loves me this much, but how much do I love him, how much am I giving back to him? Just more than those other people, or as much as I should? Am I personifying God in my choices? Am I giving him enough of me? Is anything less than everything, enough?

One part I really loved about the book, was it said to take 1 Corinthians 13 (the Love Chapter) and insert your name. If God is love, and we are supposed to personify him in our actions, than we should be personifying love. So this is the test. Can you insert your name into all those ‘Love is’ …? Love is patient, Love is kind ……what if it read, ‘Christina’ is patient, ‘Christina’ is kind. If you insert your name throughout the whole passage, is it 100 percent true? Yeah, me neither. But it definitely, easily, points out to me the areas I need to work on me! And a book that shows me how to be a better me, is a book I like!

Five Special Blessings to Me today: A sister-in-law who recommends a good book, A Book Club to read it with, A Bible to study from, A God to challenge me, and a heart that wants to Love and please God.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Getting Fluent

For book club this past month, we read the Five Love Languages. It is a book I have heard about forever and knew the concept, but hadn’t yet read. I found it very enlightening. All through the book, I thought, “this is me” or “this is Austin”, this is “so and so” ….

I am sure most people know the premise of the book, that different people give and receive love differently. There are five languages: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gifts, and Quality Time.

I am also reading the Five Love Languages for Children book, constantly evaluating my children trying to figure out their individual language and “speak” it to them. Although the children’s book recommends “speaking” all five languages to your children, so they become “fluent” in each language.

So far, I think Brendyn is Quality Time, Tyler is Words of Affirmation, and Madelynne is Physical Touch. Adreya and Wyatt are too young to evaluate. It has been an interesting¬†journey. According to Gary Chapman, the author, kid’s who have their love-tanks full, have less discipline problems! I’ll learn any language to run a smoother household!

I recommend it. Everyone is in a relationship with someone, and if it helps us learn to be happier in those relationships, I am all about it. I think next up on the Reading Block is “Raising Godly Tomatoes”, which is actually not a farming book, but a child-rearing book. I have read it before and loved it, and I am ready to read it again!!

Five special Blessings to me Today: People that went before us, figured it out, and shared it in their books, The best child-rearing book of all – my Bible, Love (I wonder if I have even thanked God for the emotion of Love), People to Love, People who love me!!

Hope your day is filled with Love and Blessings!

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