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Addition Made Easy

Math Made Easy sent us their addition package: Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy. It’s a long title but a simple little Math Program aimed at the memorization of Addition facts without finger – counting! This is a 64 page, spiral combed book full of everything you need to teach this program – the Lesson Plan, a Pre and Post Test, the worksheets, the Games, even the Double sided flashcards. This is a six-week program. You start by adding 0’s and 1’s, which are rapidly picked up the children. Then they eliminate all the duplicate facts (2+3 is the same as 3+2). This leaves only 36 facts for the children to memorize. So each week, the student learns six random facts! (They are not in family groups.) The facts are taught through worksheets (coloring, matching, puzzles, etc.), Games, and Flashcards. The flashcards are double-sided with, for example 8+6 on one side and 6+8 on the other side. The double facts (4+4) have some 0 and 1 facts thrown in (9+0).

All the worksheets are black and white to facilitate easy copying for at home use. The game pieces are on heavier colored card stock and need cut out. For what at first glance seems almost too simplified, it is a solid program. I am looking forward to what the other reviewers say about the multiplication set, since we need work memorizing those facts as well!

This sells for $24.95 here. This is a quick and easy way to replace drilling for fact memorization. This is recommended for 1st and 2nd grade or lower ages ready for addition. We received this package free in exchange for our honest review. We are so blessed!


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enVision Math

Pearson Homeschool allowed us the opportunity to review their Math Program, enVision MATH – Grade 6. This bundle, which will sell for $99.99 for the 2012-2013 school year comes with a Parent Guide Pamphlet giving you a short overview of the product, a hardbound Student Text, A Quiz Show CD, and an Electronic Teacher’s Edition CD.

To start with, let me say that for the most part Math doesn’t excite me. It’s one of those curriculums that I don’t spend too much time researching. We have found what works for us, my kids have learned their Math, they get it done. They get it right. We move on. To look at the textbook, I wasn’t super excited. It was kind of like, “Yes, this is a Math Textbook, these are Math Concepts.” The textbook is broken into 20 Topics and reminds me of books I had in school. They are non-consumable, secular books which gives instructions and problems (to work out on blank paper.) It is colorful, has nice illustrations. gives good examples. It’s a Math Textbook.

The Quiz Show DVD piqued my interest a little more. It’s a neat concept to add to the Math experience. Kids love to compete. The children can compete against each other, compete against the computer, or play “beat the clock.” The quiz show, like the book, is broken into the 20 Topics, so they can “quiz” in the same topic they are learning. There is announcer and crowd sounds to make it realistic, and the kid can even make a simple avatar of themself choosing hair, skin, eyes and shirt.

But, I am just going to go out on this limb here and say, what I REALLY liked was the Teacher’s Edition CD. It is full of information to make teaching Math easy! There are printables so you can print Problems of the Day, Worksheets, Center Activity Games, Vocabulary Cards, Tests (all with and without the answers). There are teaching tools that include things such as Graphs, Grid Paper, Manipulatives, Place Value Charts. There are printouts that can be used as transparencies. The entire book with  Teacher’s Notes and planning guide are included as well in an easy to use format, again all sorted by the 20 Topics. I was really impressed. Maybe I should have been looking for Math Curriculums all along!

We did receive this free of charge to provide an honest review.


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