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Kids Are Funny

Kids are funny, or at least mine are. I came up with the theory long ago that God really allowed children those cute, entertaining moments to balance out the moments when they have you wanting to pull your hair (or theirs) out. (Not that this EVER happens at my house!! – note: intentional and obvious sarcasm!)

Here are some funny things they have said lately:

I was putting a casserole in the oven, and Maddy said “Hot it up, Mom”

Brendyn said “What does a Vampire call ThanksGiving? – FANGSgiving.” Tyler said, “What does your Hair call Thanksgiving? – BANGSgiving.” Grammy said, “What do hotdogs call Thanksgiving? FRANKSgiving.” Yes, pure, natural comedians!! (Note – more sarcasm!)

Adreya had her elbow resting on the table. She said, “Mom, I can touch my elbow to the table. I Trust you can touch your elbow to the table too. It is not impossible.” (Um, yeah, and just a reminder, she is 2, well almost 3, but still 2! “I trust” – where did she hear that from!)

Wyatt doesn’t really SAY a lot of funny stuff although he talks a lot (mostly parrots what other people are saying). But he smiles, and smiles, and smiles. And is ever so spoiled! I don’t know what we are going to do once he’s not the baby anymore!!

And speaking of the baby, he or she definitely doesn’t do anything funny yet, but I have been starting to feel movement, and we find out soon whether we have a new boy or girl! September 22 is our Ultrasound!

I am SO Blessed!

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