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Fractazmic is a fraction-based card game that we were able to review. There are three different “suits” of cards … sixteenths (red), tenths (green), and twelfths (blue). The main purpose of the game is to make a “hand” which is when your cards add up to one. (For example 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/16 + 1/16=1). The person with the most completed hands, wins. This deck of cards comes with 60 cards and each card is clearly labeled with the fractional amount and a pictural clue. (Such as 6 eggs in a dozen for 1/2 in the twelfth suit.)

Fractazmic is available for a reasonable $6.95. The game is for 2-4 players, although for extra practice, one child could play solitaire like, making as many hands as possible, or in a timed fashion. The game is for 1st through eighth graders.

For Tyler, he hasn’t actually been introduced to fractions yet, but with the picture clues, he was able to figure out some hands. It is great Fraction practice.

We received this game for free to provide an honest review of this product which I feel we have provided by this blog. Other people reviewed this product as well, and their review as well as mine can be found by clicking here.

We are very blessed.

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The Reading Game

The Reading Game is a “fast action memory game and storybooks that make learning fun.” Ages 4 and up, for 2 players – a parent/tutor and the child that is learning to read. This game is available for $24.95. We received this game as a review and just the fact that it is called a Game, had the kids excited.

The game is broken down into six progressive sections (skunk, snake, bear, penguins, unicorn, zebra). Each game is played in six stages, each stage teaching five words. The games are played memory-style, where the cards are turned face down, and two at a time are flipped and matched. Once matched, the child is to say the word 2-3 times. The cards are words only, with no visual clues. The words seem to be about half phonetic, and half sight words. (For example, Game 1 is can, cat, is, me, not. Game 2 is sad, she, stay, this, with) Once the child can accurately and repeatedly say all five words when matched, the next five words are added into the game.

After the child can do all 30 words from the game, there is a story book about (for example) skunk for the child to read. The books are nice in quality, glossy pages. The drawings are all black on white pages, and appear to be maybe, charcoal drawings. The sentences in the book contain no capital letters, punctuation, or sentence structure. Compound words (such as without) are separated (with – out).

I thought I would try this game out with Tyler. We use a phonics based program currently, that adds sight words in as needed. He started off fine, as he knew the majority of the words in the skunk book. He didn’t like the story as much, but part of that is that as he reads he looks for sentence clues (such as punctuation and capital letters) to read fluently and with expression, pausing in the right places, etc.

He was getting a little bored with the game, so I purposely looked for words that he wouldn’t know, interspersing them with a few he did. This worked a little better, but with no visual or sentence clues to help him figure out the words, he was getting frustrated. He didn’t think this was a very fun game, and recognized it as additional school work.

Overall, I feel like The Reading Game could be a good sight-reading addition to a phonics-based program, but it didn’t necessarily go along with the program we use right now. (Using sentence structure, visual clues, etc to figure out words.) I am going to hold on to this and try it with Madelynne once she is ready and see how it goes with her, as her and Tyler are completely different types of learners.

We received this product for free to provide an honest review, which I believe I have accomplished with this post. Other Crew Members reviewed this product as well, and you can find their reviews as well as mine here.

(Due to technical difficulties, I could not upload a picture of the game, but please check out both The Reading Game website, and other crew members reviews for more information and nice pictures of the game!)

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Nature Nuts

I have to say that Nature Nuts was a game that surprised me. It is a trivia game put out by Griddly Games and was a Dr. Toy Winner of 100 Best Children’s Products. It comes with 50 Animal, Plant, Earth, and Wise Alec Cards. You roll a custom die, and depending on what color it lands on determines which card you get. There are an easy question and a harder question on each card. The game can be used on its own or as an Expansion Pack to the Wise Alec Family Trivia Game. This game is for ages 8 and up and is for 2-6 players. You can find all  the information here.

Tyler, Madelynne, Brendyn, and I played this game and what really surprised me is how much Tyler knew!!! This game if for ages 8 and older, so I figured it might be way over Maddy and Tyler’s head, but thought I would include them, just  to see. We played only on the easy questions (even me, since I am NOT a Science type person!!). The plant questions were the hardest for us, and pointed out to me that we should probably study plants more this year. But the animal and earth questions, both boys did great on, and even Maddy knew enough answers to keep her feeling involved in the game. The Wise Alec cards were also a fun challenge – they varied from naming, for example, 7 types of trees, making your best elephant impression, doing the Yoga Pose of a tree, and hopping from side to side 15 times.

To include the younger ones, I did read all the questions (Brendyn read mine), and I did make hints for Maddy if I thought it would help her. The children enjoyed the game, and I loved the fact that they were reviewing their science facts!

Tyler won the game, which surprised me the most!!

I did find one card that was incorrect (Q: What does the Tasmanian Devil have in common with mice and pandas? A: They are marsupials.) Pandas and Mice are not marsupials, although a Tasmanian Devil is. So when we got to that card, I just removed it. That is the only mistake I found.

We were happy to have received this product to review and really enjoyed it. The kids have played it several more times during their board game time! We did receive this game free to provide an honest review for this product, which I feel I have done. This post is linked with other Reviewers who reviewed this product here.

We are So Blessed!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Playing games with my children, Games which work to stretch even my memories, Being a Reviewer for TOS, Packages in the mail, Quiet children playing and learning together

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I mentioned this before, but our family was lucky (blessed) enough to be selected by The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew to review products for families and homeschools. We have been receiving products and you will soon see reviews of the fun products we have been blessed enough to review.

We have truly been blessed to be able to do this. Look for my first review tonight on a fun game we got to play, called Flea Circus!

I Have Been Blessed!

Five Special Blessings to me: Unexpected Blessings, 2 weeks to find out boy v. girl, Ladies Meeting tonight, A nice Labor Day with family, A Handyman Husband

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