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Turning Seven

on August 19, 2012

It seems like it couldn’t have possibly been a year since this post where I talk about my fantastic boy turning six, and now he’s seven! I don’t really see or understand how this is possible! He’s in Second Grade this year, although I am not sure I have him convinced of that. Tyler is smart. I mean really, just naturally, gifted smart, so he is actually doing third grade work. Third grade Math, Third Grade Spelling, Third Grade English. And he’s tall. (“I’m at least as tall as an eight or nine-year old!” He often says!) So, even though I keep telling him he has to stay in second grade for now, I think he knows, he is too big for his britches!

I remember so much about the baby he was. He had the hardest time gaining weight (He still does!) and we took him time and again to the doctor for another and another weight check. But he was always happy and for the most part, healthy (although he has always had his Daddy’s allergy problem!) He loved his Brendyn. In fact, “Bubba” was his first word!

As a toddler (and a new big brother), I remember how much he adored his “Nani”, his nickname for Madelynne! He wanted to share everything he had with her (including sippy cups and tortilla chips with his infant sister), and was content to talk to her, sing to her, play with her, and hold her. (He is still like this with every other sibling that has come along. In fact, I am certain, Cassidy is his favorite toy!)

As a little kid, his love for Jesus was astounding (It still is!) Tyler could pray better than a lot of grown-ups I know. And when he prayed, he knew God was going to answer his prayer. He went to the Lord, for everything, realizing that nothing was too small, or too big, for his Jesus. (“God, please move those clouds. I wasn’t quite finished looking at the moon.”)

I love this boy more than words can tell. And although the part of me that misses the little boy he was, the toddler, the baby – another part of me cherishes every moment and can’t wait to see the Big Future that God has for Tyler.

I have been blessed.

Five Special {Memories} Blessings for Today: Tyler giving me three kisses each night (A regular one, A butterfly one, An Eskimo one), Tyler asking Jesus into his heart at the precious age of Five, Tyler always being attentive and being my unofficial babysitter, Tyler for amazing me daily with his faith and love for Jesus, Tyler for prioritizing his family in his life (right after God)


One response to “Turning Seven

  1. mrsbthirdgrade says:

    Please tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Mrs. Loretta!! I love him so much.


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