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Spelling City {dot} com

on August 19, 2012

We were given the opportunity to review SpellingCity.com. And while I normally veer away from online programs, I thought I would give this one a try because there are lots of “print” options that go along with it. We were offered the Premium Membership, which normally sells for $29.99 per year, which gives us more opportunities than the Basic (free) membership, such as, individual student log ins (you can have up to five children signed up), premium activities, and no advertisements.

The way that we were able to use this website was to import our own vocabulary words (although lots of list are available automatically, including Math vocabulary, States, Geography, Science, etc.). Once we put in our list, we could then print worksheets of games, matching, test, crosswords, etc. Flash cards and handwriting practice pages are available too!

In the Teaching Resources section, there are video lessons and classroom ideas for teaching lots of Language Arts lessons (Analogies, Antonyms, Contractions, Homonyms, Parts of Speech, Verb  Tenses, and lots more.) Especially for a home teacher having problems teaching this to their students (it has been a long time since college!), this section could be particularly useful.

I think the ability to turn their vocabulary words into nice games and tests with little effort on my part makes this worth the money! We received this one year membership for free in exchange for our review. We have been blessed!


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