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Time Maps

on July 23, 2012

One of the best things about doing these Schoolhouse Reviews is getting the opportunity to see materials that I wouldn’t see in any other way. Time Maps from Knowledge Quest is a niche product that can really add to a History or Geography Lesson.

These Maps are very Interesting in the fact that they move through time. There are six interactive maps in this set: Ancient China, Rise of Rome, Fall of Rome, Rise of Islam, Black Death and European Explorers. As you click forward on the Time Line, your animated map progresses in time, allowing a clearer understanding. There is a lot of embedded information available with a click right on the map. Also included are worksheets, Teacher’s notes, blank timelines and blank maps. Commentary on the Maps are included and the time lines and blank maps are very well put together!

Although these can be used with any age, I feel they would most benefit older students studying these particular subjects. A student studying the Rise and Fall of Rome would greatly benefit from these maps and information. I can see us utilizing these extensively in the high school years as my children go through these topics. This set is available in two ways, one as a download for $44.95, or as a CD for $49.95 which is how I received it. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. .




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