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Treasure Hunting (Part One)

on July 21, 2012

Inside Lost River Cave

(This is part of a series of our Vacation Posts.)

We actually went Treasure Hunting twice on Vacation, so keep watch for Part Two – when we went Treasure Hunting in North Carolina!

While looking up things to do on our journey, I was excited to find that we could go Treasure Hunting twice, and in different geographical areas.

The first time was at Lost River Caves, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We started by taking a boat tour through the caves. These caves have a lot of history to them (they were part of a mill, a dance club, involved in several wars, etc.)

The caves were neat, and aside from the fact that we personally could just roll our eyes at the “millions and millions of years ago” part, very educational!

After the caves, a short hike away, was a Butterfly Habitat. Although touching the butterflies is not recommended, the children enjoyed going from flower to flower and seeing them all so up-close. We had fun determining how many species were there and pointing them out to one another. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Brendyn sitting on the stone bench in the middle of the garden in awe at all the butterflies around him.

After our hike back to the gift shop area, and drinks all around of Gatorade, we were ready to Treasure Hunt.  They had a sluice box set up, and you bought bags of dirt (approximately a half-gallon size). They had fossil bags, of which we bought one (and found two sharks teeth, some petrified wood, and some shells), and gemstone bags (Of which we bought four!).

We settled down, each of us with a screen box in front of us. Once the kids “got it” they were pretty self-sufficient, although I did help out the girls, and Austin helped out Wyatt.

First, you put a bit of dirt into your box.

Wash it in the running water of the sluice … The dirt and small stones wash away. Although Brendyn sat closest to the place where all the waste dumped and found lots of treasure there!

Once all the dirt and tiny stones are washed away, you can pick out the “pretty stuff”. After our kids picked through and put their treasure in their bags, they would pass their box to Mom or Dad for a quick look to make sure they didn’t leave anything behind, and then one of us would dump out the rocks, and give them more dirt.

I think half the fun was holding up every other rock and saying “Mom, look at this one.” Or, “Madelynne, look a pink one.”, Or “Dad, look how big this one is!” This is our cumulative collection from Lost River.

Our kids (and us) had so much fun Treasure Hunting. It was one of their fondest memories from all of vacation. Now, I don’t know what I will do with all these “pretties”. but I have a few thoughts rolling around. Madelynne wants Daddy to drill some holes in some of it so she can have a bracelet. We are so blessed!


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