I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.


on July 17, 2012

I have a child who does not like handwriting. He is a much happier student when he can type out his long assignments rather than have to hand write them. But he is a “hunt and peck” typer. I have thought about a typing type course for him, but it seems like most of them are online. Online programs really aren’t the best for us. We live way out in the country and rely on an aircard, and only Mommy’s computer is hooked up to internet, not our student computers. Keyboarding for the Christian School is exactly what it sounds like  – it is a typing class suitable for a Christian school. It comes in an e-book format, so you can choose to print it out, or set it up on an e-reader and have the children use the e-reader and type from there if you are trying to save on printing costs. We used the Elementary Edition, which is for K-5, although it is a great beginner course for kids who are even a bit older.

There are 30 lessons that start with home row and goes through all the alphabet keys, adds on the number and symbols row, a couple of lessons using just the numeric pad, one lesson on centering your text, and one lesson on enumerated lists. There is a Timed Writing section and a grading rubric to assign actual grades. Each lesson builds on the lesson before it, and many times it is Bible phrases or verses being typed.

This e-book is available for $12.95, but right now, use code SUMMER2012 and save 20%. (Code expires 8/29/12.) There is also a course for older kids and teaching tools available on their website.

We received this free in exchange for an honest review. We have been blessed!


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