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Discovery Scope

on June 12, 2012

When I saw that this was coming up for review I was very excited. I have curious children who love opportunities to look at things up close and personal. Discovery Scope is a neat system because it is handheld and cannot be broken easily (very important)! When we first received our Tupperware box full of goodies, I didn’t get it. But as soon as I started playing with it, it clicked, and the kids and I went on a hunt to see what we could find.

The scope is neat in that it has a pincher-type holder that you then move in and out, right and left to focus on your specimen, looking through the eye-cup. The kit also comes with an eyedropper, two clear boxes (clear-view chambers) and box holder, a small ziplock baggie type thing (bio-in-a-bag) and one quick slide. It is packaged in a plastic container with lid. This Basic Kit sells for $40. and more chambers, slides, etc. are available for purchase as well.

The first thing we found to explore was a dead spider. (Mama was glad for the pincher tool so I didn’t have to actually touch it!) Once we got it picked up, the kids and I took turns turning the holder post and looking at his eyes (“It has eight eyes”), his legs (“Why are they so hairy?”), his belly (“It looks soft.”) We put some collected rain water into the clear chamber box (I probably should have used the Bio-in-a-Bag thing, but the box was water proof, so it worked fine.) We looked at all the things that were floating in the rain water (“You see why Mama says not to drink it!”) We looked at soil from our tomato plants (“Who knew dirt was made up of so much stuff.”). We held up our fingers and looked at our fingerprints. It made for an exciting nature-full day.

We were excited about looking at things up close and liked the fact that it was quick and easy and that the children could all handle it individually with any worry of something catastrophic happening.

We did receive this free in exchange for an honest review.

We have been blessed.

2 responses to “Discovery Scope

  1. Wendy R says:

    We certainly have been enjoying our Scope, too! Most awesome review item, ever!! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Yours came with an eyedropper? I think mine must have disappeared with one of the children, because I never saw that! We LOVED our Discovery Scope. Definitely my favorite review item yet.

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