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on May 23, 2012

Austin and I have always had a heart for Missions. There was even a time where we opened ourselves up to God’s Will, asking Him if he was calling us to go. He wasn’t, but He was giving us a tender spot. A heart for all the lost who have never heard. We love missionaries. We respect missionaries. We have supported missionaries and mission work. We recognize the sacrifice. We understand the call. But it’s still scary. It’s scary for missionaries to take their families and go overseas or to other parts of the world. Even more scary when it’s our family! That is where we are at now. His sister and my sister are both actively working on getting out to the Mission Field.

It is such a strange pull, a strange tug of war emotionally for us as their family. Like I said, we love missions. We love mission work. We love missionaries. But in our human-ness, we fear for them. We worry. We pray. And pray. And pray.

My sister and husband (Elisabeth and Peter Putney) are beginning Full Time Deputation in July (one month after the birth of their first baby!) Read all about their Mission work to Colombia at  SeekandSaveColombia.com. They are planning on going around the states earning their support and plan to be on the Mission Field in Medellin, Colombia in 1-2 years.

Austin’s sister and her husband (Amy and Gabe Girdner), and their two-year old son, Liam, have already bought tickets to Burkina Faso, Africa for a six week survey trip and then possibly will be doing full time mission work there. Read all about their journey at our12stones.wordpress.com.

Please pray with us. Pray for their safety. Pray for God’s Will to be done. Pray for the lost souls. Pray that they are able to accomplish the Work God has sent them to do. But also, can I ask, pray for the family. Pray for the family that is going and pray for the family that is left at home. The family that will be worrying and waiting for the next phone call, or update, or word.

We have been blessed.


3 responses to “Missions

  1. our12stones says:

    Oh, Christina, I read this and cried! I’m in the process now of working on a 40 Day Prayer guide for our 40 day trip, and there are many days already devoted to all of you, all of our family. We know full well how hard this is–both the going and the staying! My heart often feels ripped right into. There are times when I want God to show us a different path, one not so far from family. My comfort in those times is remembering that if this is the path God has chosen for us, then it is the path that will bring us more of Him in our lives. Your prayers mean so much to us. We believe that the prayers you offer on our behalf are just as important as us actually going! Thank you for sharing your heart concerning us. We love you all so much!!!

  2. tiggerkiss1 says:

    Christina … very well written and expresses a lot of the way I feel also. I want the will of God for Betsy and Peter, and Amy and Gabe also, because I care about them too. But my human spirit wants them all to be called to the migrant fields of Webster, or the rural areas of the Appalachian Mountains or the Native Americans in Arizona. Someplace that my brain says ‘ they are safe’. My brain doesn’t say that about Colombia or Africa. Do I think God can keep them safe wherever they are? Of course I do. But because I have a personal relationship with each of them, and can’t imagine them missing from my life …. I worry. I worry about the 4 adults but I worry more about little Liam and soon-to-be-newborn Lydia in those foreign countries. There are a lot of cheerleaders saying ‘oh how wonderful!’ but there are not too many people who recognize the step of faith on the part of the people who care for them and will worry about them on a daily basis and pray for that next communique indicating they are still ok. I think that line of communication is going to be so critical, so important to the peace of mind and spirit for those of us who are home. I know they want and need our prayers … I know I need theirs too. I’ve prayed for missionaries before …. I’ve never known to pray for the missionaries back home family. I know that now and I do that now. One lady recently said to me ‘I am praying for Betsy and Peter … but I want you to know that I am praying for you also.’ That really touched my heart.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m praying with you for them.

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