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Go Science

on May 17, 2012

Another chance to review some great Science Experiment DVD’s! We were asked to review Go Science DVD’s from Library & Educational Services. LES is a wholesale company offering 30-70% off regular retail prices to schools, churches, libraries, etc. and to HomeSchoolers!! For instance, these Go Science DVD’s are regularly $14.95, but LES offers them for $8.97 each or $47.95 for the set of six!

These Creation Based Science DVD’s (for ages 6-14, although even my younger kids enjoyed them) are Science Demonstrations turned Object Lesson! We reviewed Volume 2 and Volume 4 (See Below). Volume 2 was about Simple Machines, Sound, and Weather. Some of the demonstrations included 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class LEvers, Incline Planes, Pulleys, Trebuchets, Singing Glasses and Singing Rods, Sound Waves, Pipes, Making a Cloud, Weather Balloon, Tornado Tube, and Air Pressure … After each demonstration, Mr. Ben Roy turns the science into an Object Lesson teaching a simple Bible Truth. Mr. Roy is very high energy and always uses a student helper. He gives a spiritual application with each Science Demonstration. Each short is about five minutes long.

We also reviewed Volume 4, Chemistry, States of Matter, Life Sciences and this one (of the two was my kid’s favorite). This DVD showed experiments of Chemical Luminescence, Exploding Bottle, Exploding Balloons, Flash Paper, pH, Root Beer Float, Liquid Nitrogen, Single Cell, Optical Illusion, Lycopodium Powder, and Camouflage. (See the words Exploding and Flash Above to know WHY this was the boys’ favorite!!) If I had to offer a criticism it would be that the experiments were not explained in a “how or why did that happen” sense, but basically just a watch and see. But I loved that each lesson was turned into an Object Lesson, and Mr. Roy ended each session with “Every Time we learn something new about Science, we learn Something New about our Creator, God!

My kid’s have already let me know I should have ordered Volume Three (Magnetism, Electricity, Engineering, and Design).

We did receive these DVD’s free in order to provide and honest review. Other home-schoolers reviewed these DVD’s as well and you can see their review as well as mine posted here.

We are so Blessed!


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