I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.


on April 23, 2012

All those Spring Breaks we had as Kids, I think they have programmed us to need a vacation this time of the year, or maybe it’s just me. I definitely can tell that I am feeling restless! I have been more adventurous with taking the kids out. I even braved the zoo – six of them and only one of me! We’ve added the Flea Market to our weekly to-do list so we could get fresh (and cheaper) vegetables. I’ve even agreed to a trip to the park later on this week, if they get their chores done! I remember past years feeling restless this time of the year. That feeling to get out and do something. Maybe it’s the nicer weather that beckons us to go outside and play? Today is a nice breezy day, not too hot, and just a hint of chill from the breeze. Except for the leaves that like to fall in my hair while sitting outside, it’s a perfect day!

I think, like with so many other things, that with this feeling of restlessness, it’s a matter of having to refocus. Focus on what we can do, and not on what we can’t. Focus on these great days, and not on the ones where we are rained out. Focus on all God has done for us, instead of our list of what we still want. Focus on what grounds us and centers us and keeps us sane, instead of that feeling of restlessness.

I feel sometimes like everything is done on a “try”al. I will “try” to take all six kids to the grocery store, doctor’s office, out to lunch, to Target and see how it goes. I will “try” to take all six kids to the beach, to the zoo, to the park and see what happens. I will “try” to walk all six kids through the flea market and see if I can actually accomplish buying something. And over and over again, I am reminded that God wouldn’t give me six kids if I truly couldn’t handle it, and I really won’t go insane trying to deal with it all, even though there are days I feel like I might.

And the things people say, really, make me laugh, or smile. One of my strategies in making sure I am keeping it all together, is that I constantly count to six! (Brendyn, Tyler, Maddy, Addy, Wyatt, Cassidy … 1,2,3,4,5, and 6) Even to the extent that Very often, far too often, when Brendyn is gone for the weekend, I will stop mid-stride to “find” my missing kid, before my brain catches up to me and reminds me that I only have “5” this weekend! At the Flea Market one of the funniest things is that strangers count to six more than I do. It is funny to watch their eyes dart from kid to kid while their mouth silently counts though the kids, landing lastly on the baby and then looking at me like I am either Very Blessed or Very Crazy. (With the truth being, I am probably both!)

The comment we hear the most often is “You sure have your hands full.” I usually always smile or nod or say “Yes Ma’am”. Tyler asked me today, “Why do people say that? Your hands are empty. It’s not like you’re holding us.” Which was true because even Cassidy was in my baby sling so I wasn’t even technically carrying her. I keep meaning to say, in response to that statement is “Yes, my hands are full … but not nearly as full as my heart is!”

I am So Blessed.

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: A beautiful breezy day, Opportunities for fellowship, “Try”als that work out, Getting to talk to people I love on the phone, Listening to the Baby “talk”


One response to “Restless

  1. Toni Cintron says:

    Having the opportunity to see you in action at the zoo first hand, I have to say that you do a great job and you have 6 precious blessings. I watched you and remembered when I was in your exact shoes, all 6 of mine were little and going out takes a little more preperation and strategy. I miss those days and would not trade them for anything in world. I love being a mom to 6 kids and we are blessed to have number 7 on the way. You are a wonderful mom. We do have our hands a little fuller than the average family, but you are definitly right, a much fuller heart. God blessed you exceeding and above all with your family. hugs to you all… Toni

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