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God’s Great Covenant Bible Course

on April 23, 2012

Classical Academic Press allowed us to review their Bible Curriculum called God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1: The Gospels. In this course, children follow the story of Jesus. There are 36 chapters, each intended to take approximately a week, that are divided into four units:

Jesus, the Son of Man, Has Come … To Live Among His People
Jesus, God’s Servant, Has Come … To Proclaim the Good News
Jesus, the Messiah, Has Come … To Teach About God’s Kingdom
Jesus, the Son of God, Has Come … To Conquer Sin and Death

This is a complete curriculum, which to me means that the text, worksheets, and quizzes are all included in the Student Book. Each chapter includes a Memory Page, which has the basic theme for the lesson, the Scripture, a Memory Verse, and then also includes a “Key Facts” chart and, my favorite, a “Prophecy Fulfilled” Section. There is also “Story Time” Sections which present the theme in a thorough easy-to-read way. I especially appreciated that in the “Story Time” sections, and throughout the book, the Bible References were given. There is also a Worksheet that correlates to each chapter that have Crosswords, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, etc. and a “Think about it” question to prompt the child into thinking how it applies to them. The Worksheets are very comprehensive. There are also quizzes for each chapter at the back of the book.

The Teacher’s Edition, which I also received, has the full student text included in it, as well as additional background information, more details and facts regarding what you are teaching, and complete answer keys for the worksheets and quizzes. Even as the teacher, I feel that this course provides a lot of new information that you often don’t get in the “Bible Story” type curriculums. I liked that maps and additional geographical information was given, as well as historical and cultural  information. An audio file is also available in which the stories are read aloud in a MP3 format.

The Student Book is available for $26.95. The Teachers’ Edition sells for $29.95 and the MP3 Audio Files are $9.95, or save 15% and buy all three in a bundle for $56.95.

 This curriculum is recommended for fourth grade and up, but even children a little younger could benefit from the stories and text and could do some of the worksheet material, and for a middle-schooler this would be easy to implement as an independent study. I think this is a very well researched and put together curriculum, with my only area of personal dislike, being that the scripture used was not from the  King James Version of the Bible. But again, that is a personal preference type thing, and as all the scripture is referenced, we are able to look up the verses easily. We really liked the Appendixes which included a list of how all the prophecies were fulfilled, a glossary, and a section on the Model Prayer. Seeing the quality of this curriculum has me excited to see what other products Classical Academic Press has to offer!

We did receive this curriculum for free in exchange for an honest review. Other homeschoolers reviewed this product as well and you can find my review and theirs here.


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