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Amazing Science

on April 23, 2012

Science is one of Brendyn’s two favorite subjects. (He doesn’t get that from me, because Science was one of two I liked least!) So I thought this would be a good review for us. On the day the Amazing Science DVD‘s came in the mail, we were headed out the door. I grabbed them and popped the first one into the DVD player in the car. The very first experiment, The Color Changing Milk had my kids enthralled. Drops of Food Coloring into a bowl of milk, Dawn Detergent onto a Q-tip, and then Wow! And even better was a full explanation about why it worked and how it happened. Onto Experiment #2. All of the kids were happy to watch the DVD, one experiment after the other and even listen to the sometimes lengthy explanations. I don’t know how much of the “how” and “why” the little kids caught, but they stayed tuned-in to see what cool experiment would be coming up next. I think that first day, running errands around town, they happily watched the whole first DVD!

I liked that a complete material list was given for each experiment, and most things are household or easy-to-find, even in the small town we live in, and for the harder-to-find things (like Dry Ice), we could easily see and get a feel for what was happening by watching the experiment on the DVD. The two-volume set is available from ScienceandMath.com for $19.95, and has a total of 23 experiments:

Disk One: Color Changing Milk*, Egg in a Bottle, Exploring Air Pressure, Build a Lemon Battery, Inverted Cup of Water, Candle Suction Power, Amazing Magnetic Force, Lift an Ice Cube with String, Unburnable Money*, Matchstick Speedboat, Cloud in a Bottle*, and Reversing an Image with Water

Disk Two: Floating Eggs, Keep Paper Dry Underwater, Dry Ice Bubbles*, Balloon in a Candle Flame*, Ocean in a Bottle, Build a Motor with Lights, Simple Lava Lamp, Invisible Ink*, Density Tower, Soda Can Fizz, Build a Motor #2

The experiments marked with a * were our favorites!

All the experiments were thoroughly explained and you really understand “why” it works. My boys couldn’t wait to get home to show Grammy and Daddy the Color Changing Milk Experiment and the Speedboat Experiment. (They were both impressed!) These DVD’s are both educational and entertaining and that really is Amazing!

We received these DVD’s for free in exchange for an honest review. Other homeschooler’s reviewed this product too, and their review, as well as mine is listed here.


One response to “Amazing Science

  1. Toni Cintron says:

    It sounds really interesting. My kids love science. Expecially when they get to do some hands on experiments. we will have to check these out.

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