I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.

Baby Cassidy

on February 15, 2012

I know that I have had a long hiatus in this blogging thing. I have been either waiting out those last couple miserable weeks of pregnancy, where all I could think to write was how ready I was to hold my new baby girl, to the last nine days, of enjoying her! She is so beautiful and sweet and calm.

Her birth, on February 6th, was just a reminder that even though she was number six, that I don’t have it all figured out!!! I was sure she would be born Monday morning. But as morning ticked away, and my body made SLOW progress, I realized and remembered that I am NOT the one in control! It took all morning and most of the early afternoon just to get to 4 centimeters. But once I got there (at about three in the afternoon), the rest moved along QUITE Quickly. At 4:23, my water broke, the baby was ready to be born, they called the doctor, and she LITERALLY came jogging into the room, gowned and got ready to catch the baby. She was born at 4:38 and I got to help deliver her by reaching down and pulling her onto my chest. It was remarkable!!! She was 8 pounds, 3 ounces (our second smallest baby) and an even 20 inches long.

All through the slow progress of the morning, mentions were made that she was a “stubborn” baby. I kept insisting it was because she was mellow and laid back. She saw no reason to leave the place where she was comfortable! It turns out that I was right!!! She laid on the warmer after being born and looked around. She wasn’t crying like all my others have done while waiting on that warmer. She was so content. She still is. She rarely cries, and in her quiet time, she is happy to look around and take in this new world she gets to live in.

Her sisters and brothers are absolutely enchanted and captivated by her. There is very few times during our day that I don’t have a little person looking over my shoulder or standing guard to stare and talk to their newest baby sister! Even Wyatt, who I really thought would go through some sibling rivalry and jealousy is in love!


Five Special Blessings to Me Today: The newest addition to our family –  Cassidy Joy, Siblings who love her almost as much as her Mommy does, A Daddy who is content to watch her make those cute baby faces in her sleep, A Grammy who is always on hand to rock, cuddle, or hold, and that I get to be the Mommy – whose heart is absolutely overflowing with love!!!


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