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Finally Time

on January 6, 2012

We’re anxiously awaiting Brendyn coming home. He made it safely back into the States yesterday. I’m not sure yet who missed him more – Me, or his siblings. Tomorrow we’ll be having our Christmas and we are so excited. I’ll be doing the normal Christmas Eve stuff today – the cooking, the baking, the wrapping of the last minute presents, the waiting until they all fall fast asleep and putting out their Christmas Stockings, hiding garbage bags around the room to collect wrapping paper, setting out baskets for each child to collect their goodies. And then in the morning, Our Christmas Morning, we’ll be reading the story of Jesus’ Birth, Having Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Rolls, watching the children open one present at a time and enjoying the day we’ve been waiting an extra three weeks for!

I am sure, even though I haven’t gotten the chance to hear about all he did, that Brendyn had a great time in Germany. The last time he went he got to see and experience things that he still talks about a year and a half later, his favorite being the trip to Neuschwanstein Castle.  (This is a picture he took by the way.) It will be interesting and a cultural lesson for all of us to hear all about how they celebrate Christmas in Germany and the different traditions he got to experience, hear about all the food he got to eat (one of his favorite topics!!) and about the exciting things he got to do. Mostly though, I am just ready for a big Brendyn hug. Three weeks at Christmas is a long time for a ten year old boy to be away from his Mom, or maybe better stated, too long for a Mom to be away from her boy.

We are so Blessed and Excited!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Brendyn getting home safely, One Month until Baby Cassidy, Two Weeks to Our Ladies Fellowship, Four Loving Siblings who can’t wait to see their big brother, and Christmas TOMORROW!


One response to “Finally Time

  1. Lisa says:

    I am so glad your boy will be back in your arms again! 🙂 I pray that you all have a beautiful and wonderful Christmas celebration.

    Many blessings,
    (from the Help Meet study)

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