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Artistic Pursuits

on December 5, 2011

Most of our Art Education up until now has been comprised of drawing and art projects of the cut and glue or water-color variety. So we were excited to receive a book that offered an actual Art Curriculum. For our review we received Book 1 for K-3rd grade from Artistic Pursuits. This book has 32 lessons (10 that cover artist activities such as imagining and observing. 7 lessons cover artistic elements such as 2-D and 3-D, shape, form, and color. 15 lessons cover ancient art from Cave Paintings to 13th Century art.) Each lesson has an art project for the children to complete.

It is a very well put together curriculum. We were able to look at paintings that I have never seen before and analyze them. The children love art, so this book is going to be very good for us. So far we have looked at the first couple of lessons, with more scheduled into the curriculum.

This book retails for $42.95 and is non-consumable. Art supplies are required to complete the projects. You can buy them as you go (using coupons at Michaels and JoAnns) or you can purchase an Art Supply Pack that has everything you need right from Artistic Pursuits.

We received this book free to provide an honest review, which I believe has been accomplished by this post. Other Homeschoolers received this product as well and you can see their review as well as mine here.

We are so blessed.


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