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Save the Trees

on November 14, 2011

50 Reasons I will have as many children as the Lord gives me

  1. God gave them to me
  2. Hugs, kisses, and cuddles on demand
  3. We are helping the future generation have enough workers to pay for Social Security
  4. They are so darn cute
  5. They love me even on my worst day (without makeup and in my pajamas)
  6. They have taught me that the world does not revolve around me
  7. They are proof of the love between Austin and Me (and yes, we do have a TV)
  8. Because I like gifts and blessings, and they are the best gifts I have been given
  9. I get to learn things with my children (like shooting a gun – Maddy and I learned on the same day!)
  10. Getting to watch the relationship with my kids and their Daddy
  11. I get to watch them learn and grow
  12. Each of my children is happy I had them
  13. Walking slow so little legs can keep up mean I am enjoying more of what goes on around me
  14. I eat less because someone always wants a bite (or two, or ten)
  15. Get welcomed home like I’ve been gone for days, even when I just went to the mailbox
  16. They love unconditionally
  17. It is never boring at my house (Ever!)
  18. The smell of a kid (especially a baby) right out of the bath
  19. They accept others without prejudice
  20. Homemade friends
  21. They provide constant entertainment
  22. It’s fun to tell stories to children (and they’ll let you, even if you’ve already told them a couple dozen times)
  23. They believe whatever you tell them
  24. Getting to look at old things through a new set of eyes
  25. A sleeping child is one of the most precious things to see
  26. They have taught me to be more compassionate
  27. There is little as miraculous as that moment when your baby is born
  28. Children are part of God’s purpose for creating marriage
  29. Watching my children grow into people I like is a reward of its own
  30. The more we have the funner it gets
  31. Love breeds love, and more love, and more love
  32. One day I will have lots of grandchildren
  33. Being pregnant and experiencing the miracle of a baby growing inside of me is awesome
  34. I am motivated to be the best I can be because someone is always watching
  35. There is always someone to talk to or play with
  36. They teach me how to delight in the little things
  37. The love I have as a parent reminds you how much God loves me.
  38. When people stop us in the store, at a restaurant to tell us how cute, well-behaved, smart our kids are, it is like a job performance review where I got all Five Stars
  39. Unpredictable Surprises
  40. I have the best job security around
  41. Learning that money doesn’t matter, but $1 is a fortune to a kid
  42. “I Love you, Mommy”
  43. Lots of helpers
  44. I’ve never met anyone who regretted one of their children
  45. Young children are genuine. What you see is what you get. They haven’t learned how to be fake
  46. Feeling a baby move inside of you is complete joy
  47. Family is forever
  48. I get to watch my husband be a Daddy
  49. Because we still have enough love in our hearts and in our home for another one
  50. Because I love being a Mommy

I am SO BLESSED!!!!!!

(When I was thinking about how much I am blessed to be the Mommy of *almost* six children, I was reminded of how we have faced criticism, disgust, ugliness, etc. because of our decision to continue having children. I was struck by the idea that we live in a culture where we have activists to Save the Trees, but Children are looked at as disposable or as inconveniences by some. I am so Blessed that the Lord has given me a true, genuine Love for the children he has blessed me with now and the ones to come in the future, Lord Willing.)


One response to “Save the Trees

  1. Cherie J says:

    What a great post! I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it’s always such a joy to read about others enjoying motherhood as well!

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