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Phonics and Reading

on November 2, 2011

With lots of littles, seeing a new approach to Phonics was something I was looking forward to. Maybe I’m a Curriculum Junky. I love seeing new curriculums, and new approaches to learning. We were chosen to review Memoria Press’ First Start Reading and Classical Phonics. This program is geared for children K-2.

First Start Reading covers consonants, short vowels, 45 sight words, and handwriting practice. What I found most interesting about this program is their order of letters. The first three letters learned are M, A, S, and the Sight Word “I”. So within the first few lessons, the child is reading “I am” and then “I am Sam.”  Next follows n. And the sentence “I am a man.” It is definitely a different approach to reading. To instantly connect the letters to sentences and words. There are three children’s books which are consumable and include coloring pages, handwriting practice, drawing, reading, and assessment pages and a Teacher’s Guide that retail for $29.95.  The Teacher’s Guide includes Lesson information, helpful assessments, teaching tips, as well as a script to teach each lesson. You can see samples of the children’s pages Here and Here.

Also included with our review was Classical Phonics. Classical Phonics, also written by Cheryl Lowe, is a non-consumable text-book which lists the letters, and word lists. The word lists are phonetically arranged and there are no context clues. It is a quick assessment to see if your child is truly ready to move on to more complicated words. This book retails for $14.95 and is great for practicing and building confident readers. You can see a sample page Here.

I was able to use this program with Madelynne. (She really liked that M was the first letter.) But found that at 4 years old, she needed a few days on each letter before moving on. With Tyler (1st grade) I love the word lists to see where he is in his reading ability and will definitely be using some of these processes moving forward to help him become a more fluent reader. For the price, I really think this is a good program.

We received this product for free to provide an honest review which I feel I have done with this blog post. Other Homeschoolers reviewed this product as well and you can see their review and mine Here.

We are Blessed.

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Homeschooling my Children, Getting to choose my own Curriculum, New approaches (at least new to us) to the same old stuff, Willing learners, Getting to review curriculum


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