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Fire Safety and George Washington Carver

on October 25, 2011

This was kind of an exciting review for us, for a couple of reasons. Number One the kids are really into firetrucks, fireman, etc. (Especially the boys), Number Two, the company, Marshall Publishing, sent me an unexpected bonus of the George Washington Carver DVD, and Number Three, it was very timely for what we were already learning in school.

Lots and Lots of Fire Safety Songs DVD and Fire Truck Book Combo – it sounds like little boys would like it doesn’t it!!! The DVD had two sections – the first section a short twelve-minute program to teach all the fundamentals about Fire Safety, and the Second, a section filled with songs and scenarios for fun learning! The book is very nice, with glossy pages and full color pictures on every page. It is very informative, listing facts about Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention, Antique and Modern Fire Trucks, A Firefighting Timeline … it also has Fire Fighter Recipes, an old-time Alphabet, a list of Useful Websites, list of Fire House Museums, and all the lyrics from the songs. It’s a really packed book of information.  And timely, for us. We got this book about a week before we were going to be studying Community Helpers in our Unit Study.

The kids enjoyed the DVD, although (at least for my kids) it’s not one on regular rotation that they will want to watch over and over again. Brendyn thought he pretty much knew it all, but Tyler was fascinated by some of what he learned. It is a great resource and one I can see us using yearly when studying Community Helpers. Would correlate greatly with a trip to the Fire Station!!! The book and DVD Combo normally retail for $49.90, but by entering the coupon code TOSF1, This is discounted to $19.95. A great deal especially if you have kids really interested in Fire Trucks, or, like us, they are a part of your studies. The book is an excellent resource for older kids who may be doing a report, or who want more information.

Also, timely for us, Marshall Publishing, generously sent us a copy of their George Washington Carver – His Life and His Work DVD. This was perfect for us, because scheduled right after Community Helpers, our next Unit Study was on Inventions! Brendyn really enjoyed learning about him and watching this DVD. This 30 minute DVD was very informative, and by going to the website, there is also a Study Guide and Discussion Questions to go along with this DVD. This DVD sells for 19.95. By using the coupon code TOSC1, save 15% and pay only $16.95.

We are so blessed to have received both these products for free to provide an honest review which I feel I have done with this blog posting. Other people reviewed these products too. You can see their opinions as well as my own listed here.

Have a great day! We are so blessed!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Timely Products that fit right in, Community Service Workers who keep us safe and keep our Community Running Smoothly, Inventors, Willing Learners, DVDs


2 responses to “Fire Safety and George Washington Carver

  1. Great review, and it looks like getting these products really was a blessing to you! I love being on the crew!

  2. […] year we were able to review Lots and Lots of Firetrucks from Marshall Publishing. So we were excited to be  allowed  the opportunity to review Lots […]

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