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AIMS (3rd Grade Math)

on September 21, 2011

Another book we were able to review was the AIMS Solve it! 3rd Grade, Problem Solving Strategies. This book starts off with the Chinese Proverb, “I Hear and I Forget, I See and I Remember, I Do and I Understand.” This is a book full of worksheets that expand on Nine different Problem Solving Strategies. Click here to see a preview of the Table of Contents, Introduction, What the Strategies are, and sample pages. This book also came with a CD (so that scanner and copier are not necessary – a major plus for me!) And the license includes up to 200 copies, which makes this book great for Homeschooling Families to use over and over again, but can also be used (and is marketed towards) school use. This book sells for $24.95 and definitely will be a useful asset in a Homeschooling Library.


Although at Face Value, this book looked to be too easy for Brendyn (5th Grade) he enjoyed doing some of the projects and it opened up a dialogue about how different problems can be approached different ways. I also liked that there were simpler pages that even Tyler could get into and complete even if he didn’t understand that he was doing higher order math!

Our family received this book for free to provide an honest review which we believe we have done. Other families reviewed this book and others by the AIMS Foundation and their reviews and mine, can be found here.

We have been Blessed!

Five Special Blessings: Kids who love math, Kids who love reading, Kids who love School time, Kids who love Singing, Kids who love Bible Time.



One response to “AIMS (3rd Grade Math)

  1. We reviewed the Earth Book and were surprised how much we liked it. At first glance ours looked like it was for a younger grade, but the information in it was right on. I had never heard of this company.

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