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Pregnant, Again?!?

on July 28, 2011

There is very little information out there for someone on their way to becoming a Grand Multipara! (A woman who has had six live births  … edited to add, that I have also seen this number listed at five and seven, not sure which is actually correct)….most of the pregnancy information is for people pregnant with their first, or second, maybe even third…..a woman on her eighth (5 babies, 2 miscarriages, now) pregnancy …. well I guess if she hasn’t figured it out by now, they figure she’s out of luck. So here I am to come to the rescue, with what pregnancy #8 has taught me in this first trimester.

Number 1 – When you are pregnant for the eighth time (or even the fourth or fifth) … it takes about five minutes to start “showing”. Although I am only 3 months pregnant, some days, I look more like 5! My uterus doesn’t need stretching. I don’t get ligament pain. My uterus just pops into place, like a balloon that’s been blown up and stretched into place, well 5 other times!

Number 2 – Every, EVERY pregnancy is different. You never get it all figured out, because there are always new symptoms to be had that you never had before, and the standby’s you thought were just part of pregnancy, may never show up!

Number 3 – The old wives tale that heartburn = hair. FALSE. Have had heartburn for every day of every pregnancy! My Addy was born bald, and stayed that way past one years old!

Number 4 – The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart has been wrong at least 2 out of 5 times. However, God has given me exactly what I have asked for 5 out of 5 times, I find Him much more predictable!! I posted about that here.

Number 5 – Each pregnancy is just as exciting, just as special as everyone before it, but somehow the more kids filling your day, the easier it is to not focus on what’s going on with the one filling your belly.

Number 6 – When you have multiple children prior, there are more people praying for you and baby. (I have at least 3 children, if not 4 praying for me daily! Wyatt would, I’m sure, he just hasn’t figured out all the words yet!) And there is not much more special than that!

Also, Austin and I (mostly Austin) has a working theory that I get severe pregnancy brain! My brain just does not function normally (like calling the couch a kitchen, hearing things wrong, saying things wrong, etc.)…it is my supposition, that I’m giving all the brain I have to the baby. That’s why we have smart kids!!

12 Week doctors appointment tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear that special sound of a beating baby heart!


5 special blessings to me today: Already having a good supply of maternity clothes, Praying children, No insomnia up to this point (hooray), Tylenol for those pregnancy headaches (my never-before symptom), the gift of a baby growing inside my belly.


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