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School-time Fever

on July 22, 2011

Usually about the middle of July, I am full of ideas, thoughts, and plans about how the next year of school is going to go. I start itching to buy my Curriculum, after carefully poring over everything I can possibly read, reviews, etc. I am pretty sure we are going to be using the Weaver Curriculum this year. It is a Unit Study based approach using the Bible as the main textbook and Unit-source. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

I have recently read The Five Love Languages for Children. I loved this book by the way, and definitely recommend it. It was surprising to me to be able to figure out my own children’s love language and see the changes in them when I loved them in their own language. One of the things mentioned in the book said to teach your children all five languages, so that when they are grown, they are fluent in those languages, for their own children, or spouse! I had an idea about each school morning, choosing a love language that we would all try to express to each other for that day. Like maybe Monday is Physical Touch, and we all go out of our way to give hugs, high fives, etc. Tuesday is maybe Acts of Service where we really try to find ways to help each other. Wednesday, Gifts, trying to find ways to express our love through trinkets, cards, etc. Thursday, maybe, Words of Affirmation, encouraging each other, remembering to say thank you for the mundane and ordinary. Round out Friday with Quality Time, playing games together, reading books together, etc. Maybe we’ll choose one out of a hat each morning until we’ve covered them all.

Before too long, I will be buying our School supplies, setting up our School room, and purchasing our curriculum. I can’t wait!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: The ability to Homeschol, The support to Homeschool, The love of learning the children have, The love of teaching that I have, The choices for Christian centered Curriculum.



3 responses to “School-time Fever

  1. April says:

    I’m a big fan of the Love Languages books too. They really do help us understand how each member of our family speaks and receives love!

    Visiting and following from the Crew…


  2. I need to read that book again…it has been a LONG time since I read it. Dropping by…I am a newbie on the crew and can’t wait to begin reading your posts via email!


  3. Ginni says:

    Love the idea of practicing the five languages! Count me in as a participant!!

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