I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.

Peas, Beans, and Okra – Oh my!

on May 27, 2011

It is busy out at the Farm, and with some new selling opportunities, we have been staying busy. For quite a while, we have recognized the need to have a mid-week selling market. (Unfortunately, the vegetables don’t always wait until the weekends to be ready, and we strive to only sell the freshest and best!) A friend suggested I make her a bag of vegetables each week and she would buy it from me. I really pondered on that idea, and came up with the Refillable Vegetable Basket plan. I bought some baskets, wrote Lee Farms on them, and have been filling baskets and selling them for $10. My first week, we had 5 orders, plus we made an extra (just in case – and sold it immediately). Last week we did 7, plus $5 in added vegetables. This coming week, I already have orders for 2 more. Plus we’ve been filling ‘bushel of peas’ orders wonderfully – 6 BUSHELS!! I am so happy and reminded how God uses people to bless our family!

We have an old (1974 era) shelling machine that I got put to work on yesterday, and shelled 3.5 bushels of peas. It’s quite time-consuming, even with the machine. But it sparked an interesting thought. I was out there shelling peas, alone (it was naptime!), and not thinking, not singing, not talking, just enjoying the sound of the machine, the quietness in my thoughts and soul, God’s peace. I wondered, maybe that is the difference between Austin being raised out here in the country, and the quietness that engulfs him, and me being raised in the city, and feeling there should always be noise, background noise, white noise, talking, singing, etc. God allowed me to have a new perspective and I thank him for it. Because I love to talk! But I thoroughly enjoyed those hours of quiet.

Five Special Blessings to me Today: The Farm, the tan I am getting working at the Farm, the quietness I am learning being at the Farm, the muscles I am getting picking vegetables at the Farm, the blessings we are getting because of the Farm, the vegetables we get to eat, fresh picked off the bush, at the Farm

Hope you have a Blessed Day!


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