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Quicksand – an E-book

on April 14, 2011

Curiosity Files E-Book: Quicksand

I have been privileged to be asked to review an E-book, put out by a Magazine that I am dearly enjoying right now. The magazine is called “The Old Schoolhouse” and it’s a fantastic resource and encouragement for parents who are Homeschooling their children, especially in Christian homes! It has been a valuable resource to me as I look to use Unit Studies with my kids next year for our Curriculum.

One set of Unit Studies that are very in-depth, detailed, and full are The Curiosity Files, with Professor Ana Lyze. I have one of these Unit Studies currently on Puffer Fish, and this new one that I reviewed was on Quicksand. This book is geared for ages 8-13, although I had no problems making it fun for the 4 and 5-year-old, and even the babies loved doing some of the activities!

It seems like E-books are the wave of the future. I can definitely see the appeal, you click, download, and it’s instantly yours. I can print or not print what I want. I can create several worksheets (one for each kid) and save it to my computer to use next year!

I felt that this Unit would be great as a supplement to any Water-themed unit (Oceans, Rivers, Marshes, etc.) Could also make a Great Indiana Jones Unit! (Yeah, I have boys!!), But it could also stand alone and be a week-long unit on Quicksand. There is Math, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Geography, and Science Activities. There are Crafts, and even a Music Activity. It is very well-rounded and can spring-board a bunch of new ideas for kids. There is even Handwriting (Copywork) and Bible! And I personally love that they use the KJV, which means my kids could pick up their own Bibles and see the same verses!

My boys loved hearing that the stunts (like in Indiana Jones) aren’t always true! Brendyn wasn’t thrilled about the writing, but that’s just him!

So, overall I really enjoyed the Unit. I learned new things myself! If you are interested in checking it out, click this link. And by the way, just FYI, this E-book is $6.95, no S&H, pay, click, download, save. (That was Easy!)

I’m all about Education being fun, this certainly was. Now to get my children out of Couch-Cushion Quicksand.

Five Special Blessings to me Today: The ability to freely Homeschool my children, Fun Education, Willing Learners, Time to get things done, A nice sunny day

Have a Blessed Day!


2 responses to “Quicksand – an E-book

  1. …We use cardstock so that when our little books are attached pages will be sturdy……3.

  2. Diego Otis says:

    Rather valuable idea 🙂

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