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Are you going to Say Yes or No

on April 11, 2011

When Brendyn was 4 years old, a friend of his at church got Baptized. Later that evening, it prompted a conversation in our home about Why Hannah got Baptized, what it meant, etc. Brendyn realized then, he should pray and ask Jesus to come into his heart. He knew the stories. He believed in Jesus. He had all the right answers. He prayed. A few months later, he got baptized.

Fast forward to this past Summer. After a week of camp, and retelling us all the stories from camp, Brendyn tells us he went forward to pray about his Salvation. Then a few months ago, Brendyn started having major doubts. He didn’t think he was saved. He knew he had prayed twice, but knew deep in his heart, he hadn’t meant it. He was struggling. He would tell us he knew he wasn’t saved.

We talked and talked and talked. And he wouldn’t make a decision. Everytime I thought he was close, he would tell me he had to think about it some more. I asked him if he would talk to the Preacher, the Assistant Pastor, anyone! ANYONE! He said no, he would only talk to me, and everytime I tried, he’d put it off, or tell me he was still thinking about it. It became a MAJOR issue of prayer. We had asked friends, family, and church family to be in prayer with us. Everytime he got in a car, I prayed for his safety. Everytime he was away from me, I was begging God, he came back home. I was scared, knowing that he knew he was lost, but wouldn’t handle it.

Over the last month, it had become more and more of a discussion. Wednesday night, he told me he thought he was almost ready. Sunday morning, I casually asked him if he was going to walk down the aisle. He still wasn’t sure. Sunday morning, he sat next to me, listening to the preacher. I knew it was bugging him. He kept leaning his head on me. He was restless with his hands. The preacher was talking about Jesus coming back soon. The preacher talked about it could be today. Are you ready? He leaned on me. His head on my shoulder.

Then came the invitation. He stood and stared. He didn’t sing (he ALWAYS sings.) He didn’t move. He just stared.

The preacher said “There are people in this room that need to make a decision. Are you going to say Yes to God. Or no?” I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Brendyn, are you saying yes or no to God?” He looked at me and said, “Mom, I need to say yes.” I said, “Right now?” He nodded.

We moved Austin out of the way. Crawled over Tyler and started walking down the aisle. At one point, I was two steps behind him and he turned to make sure I was still there (Austin said from where he sat, it looked like Brendyn was ready to RUN back down the aisle, back to his seat.)

We made it to the front, where our preacher, Brother Ed, wrapped his arms around my son, and led him to the Lord. I stood there crying. Brother Ed was crying. Brendyn was trembling.

And my son prayed and accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour, saying, “Jesus, you died for me. I want to live for you.”

Besides their Birth, no other day is as important as this one in the life of your child, and I thank God for his Supreme Blessing on our Family. I pray for Brendyn that the Devil will stay far from him and that he will try to model his life and live for Jesus.

So, today, have you said Yes to Jesus, or No?

Have a Blessed Day!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Brendyn’s Salvation, The salvation of other members in my family, My salvation, A praying Church, A loving Pastor


3 responses to “Are you going to Say Yes or No

  1. Reed Schueth says:

    I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I normally do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  2. avtobazar says:

    Thanks, its usefully for me.

  3. olya says:

    Interesting thinking…

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