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The Princess

on March 2, 2011

I’m not sure where time goes. I think somehow children create some kind of time-space-continuum-votex-black-hole and somehow time spins faster around your children than in any other area of life. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before all those really important scientists who sit around studying things come up with the formal finding that I am indeed correct!

The Princess turns four today. My beautiful, spunky, loveable, opinionated, caring, sweet, friendly, curly-headed princess turns four. FOUR!! 

When I was pregnant with Brendyn, I wanted a boy. I wanted any other children I might have to have a big borther. Since I never had one, I had all these visions of grandeur about how older brothers look out for you, protect you, shelter you. I had always wanted a big brother. So, naturally, I wanted any daughters I might have to be able to have one. (And as an aside here, Brendyn is *the Best* Big Brother to his sisters. Madelynne LOVES Brendyn!! If Mommy and Daddy aren’t available for a cuddle, Brendyn is the next best thing!!)

Then, when I was pregnant with Tyler, I wanted him to be a boy, for Austin. I wanted to give my husband a son. A male to pass on the Family Name. And so far, I was getting what I asked for, I was two for two. Now he just needed someone closer to his age to play with.

I wanted to get pregnant again right after having Tyler. But this time, I was ready for my girl. I wanted my daughter! My thoughts of pretty dresses, and hair ties, and braids, and shoes, and twirling, and baby dolls, and fancy shoes – they were about to come true! Everyone was so worried…..she won’t be girly with two big brothers. She won’t be tough enough with two big brothers. She’s going to play cars and trucks, instead of babies and house.

But somehow, God worked it all out. Because Maddy is tough, but she is also girly. She can hold her own, but she CARES about other people. She wants everyone to be included. She had never met another girl she didn’t like. If a new little girl comes to Sunday School, Madelynne will take her by the hand, sit next to her, and before the hour is over, Maddy will have a new best friend.

Madelynne loves pink (anything pink). She loves purses, jewelry, dresses, princesses, tea parties, dress-up. She can also get down in the dirt with the boys, play cars, dinosaurs, knights, pirates, or dinosaurs.

I am the luckiest Mom in the world. And My Princess turns four today!

Happy Birthday Madelynne.

(And just as a PS – I wanted Adreya to be a girl too – what better gift to give your daughter, than a sister. I wanted Madelynne to have the kind of sister my Mom has in Joan, that Amy has in Jenny, that I have in Betsy. And what better thing than one princess – than two princesses!!! And how lucky was I to get that Beautiful blond-haired Princess!!!)

(Also, after two girls, I was ready for a boy again. (God sure is awesome to always give me exactly what I ask for!!) Wyatt is the apple of all six of our eyes!! He is everybody’s baby. Everyone is always looking out for Wyatt. And he is so sweet and smiley, that he melts hearts on contact!)

I am one lucky Mom!!!!!

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Madelynne (my beautiful princess), Brendyn (who is the Best Big Brother), Tyler (who is her favorite playmate), Adreya (the best sister a girl could ask for), and Wyatt (Her Baby)

Hope you are as Blessed as I am!


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