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Better than a Flashlight

on February 24, 2011

My children are PBS Fanatics, and since the shows are educational, I am all for it. On the Cat-in-the-Hat a while ago, they sang a Mom Song …

This is the Mom Song

Because Mom’s are Great

Mom’s are Better than

Chocolate CAKE!

I really like when the kids sing this song, especially the Cake part, which is always the loudest, most off-key part of the whole song. It makes them smile, and laugh, and it makes me smile too.

Today, Madelynne made up a Dad version ….

This is the Dad Song

Because Dad’s are Great

Dad’s are Better than

A flashlight

Um, okay. A flashlight? (She really does love her Dad, I promise!) So, I said, “Maddy, how come Dad is better than a flashlight?” Here is the story that followed.

One day, when I was bigger than Brendyn, and I was playing outside, I broke my toe. It was in the dirt and Dad picked it up. And then Dad gave the toe to the Doctor. And then Dad picked me up and then he put my toe back on. And then I was back to normal. That’s why. Flashlights can’t do that.

Me: (thinking –  Back to Normal????) You’re right Madelynne, Flashlights cannot put toes back on.

(Don’t tell her, but I’m pretty sure her Daddy can’t either – but I don’t want to ruin it for either of them – I mean in a competition between a flashlight, He really should win, even if it does mean that sometime 8 years from now, he might find a toe lying in the dirt!)

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: My husband (he CAN fix toes you know), Madelynne, Adreya (who loves the I love you game today), My three Best Boys, Aunts (the ones I have who taught me to be the one I get to be).

Have a fun and Blessed Day!


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