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Elevation, Magnetic Polarity, Closed Circuits

on December 10, 2010

I’m not sure what happened to the baby I had nine years ago, or even to the toddler he became, so cute and innocent and sweet, nor even the little boy I had who knew no stranger and sang me songs while sitting on my lap. Instead, somehow I have this half-grown human speaking in words too big in concepts I wouldn’t have thought he understood. When did I miss it. When did I miss the transformation from that wide-eyed baby to this boy who is growing too tall. Who before long will be able to look me eye-to-eye.

There is a part of me that relishes the children getting older. I love the independence this brings, the helpfulness. The fact that I can have conversations with them about things in my world vs things in their world. I love the higher thinking. I love the thought processing. But I miss the innocence. I miss the “Mommy knows everything” and the “I love Mommy most of all.” I miss that this year he definitely does not believe in Santa. I miss that he won’t forget between now and then what that Christmas present he saw us buy is.

But I do love that he keeps Santa real for the littles. That he plays along, giving me the sideways glance that says, “Mom, can you still believe they think that?!?”

Brendyn LOVES science, history, geography, all the subjects I hated in school. He relishes the concepts and tries in every way to apply them. “Mom, those Christmas lights are closed circuits, that’s why you can’t take a bulb out.” “Mom, I can’t get this to go back together, because the magnetic polarity is opposite and they are repelling each other.” He made a pizza box, rubber band guitar and through experimentation told me that “the higher the elevation of the strings from the box, the better it sounds.” Seriously. He put pencils in to pick the strings up and has been playing some tune since. I miss my baby Brendyn, but this Brendyn could be lots of fun!

Five Special Blessings to me today: Home-school, Christmas time, Warm Drinks, Cool Weather, Brendyn

Hope you find the blessings in your day today!


2 responses to “Elevation, Magnetic Polarity, Closed Circuits

  1. jenny says:

    This makes me smile so much! I love Brendyn! He is so bright and thoughtful!

  2. bonnerloretta@yahoo.com says:

    If they don’t grow older and wiser under your guidance, they will live with you forever.

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