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Missed the Point

on November 19, 2010

I don’t remember what I was reading the other day, but people were complaining about being poor (who isn’t in this economy???) and not being able to get everything they wanted to get for Christmas. I was reminded that Christmas is about so much more than what is on the table, or under the tree. Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating the fact that Jesus was born, and died for our sins. That he came to live Here for Us. I understand where people are coming from, but I hope that as Christmas approaches I will remember, and I will find opportunities to remind my Children about the real Reason for the Season. Even when they don’t get all their wishes and many items on their list remain unfulfilled, that anything is a blessing, because it’s not the gifts that matter.

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Jesus who came and died for My sins, Love, Laughter, The Christmas Season, Family

Have a Blessed Day,


3 responses to “Missed the Point

  1. Amy says:

    Gabe and I were talking today about how we can be intentional in helping Liam understand why we celebrate Christmas. Obviously, he’s too young this year to understand what it’s all about. But, once he begins to understand birthdays, our idea is to focus on what *we* can give to Jesus for His birthday. It’s easier to think in adult terms, like giving a sacrificial monetary offering to a Christ-honoring cause or committing time to volunteer in a way that serves others. But what can a one year old *give* to Jesus for His birthday (or a two year old and so on)? Maybe we can help him choose one of his special toys to give to someone without toys. Or he can complete an extra chore to earn the money to give to a special cause. I’m sure with a little brainstorming there are lots of ideas we can come up with that would be age-appropriate.

    What do you think, as a mom of several little ones? Do you have any ideas?

    I love you and the way you constantly think about finding ways to remind your children of Who God is!

  2. I think at Christmas just like throughout the year, we just need to have open communication with our kids and Explain that it is our love for Jesus that is why we serve, attend, give, etc. For Christmas, we remind our kids why we are celebrating by always beginning Christmas morning with the Bible story of Jesus north and thanking Him for what He did for us.

  3. Amy says:

    I agree, it’s definitely a year round, constant part of our lives. We create rhythms within our every day lives that point ourselves and our children to Who Christ is and that we live our lives for Him.

    It is fun thinking about the Christmas traditions we want to start in our family with Liam! Motherhood really helps you to think about things in a fresh way. 🙂

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