I Have Been Blessed

All about how God has blessed me. In my marriage, with my six children, through homeschooling, and our faith with recipes, large family living, and updates on our life.


on November 2, 2010

Sometimes a memory, you hope, is like a snapshot. You have an image, a word, a conversation, a moment that you want to freeze in time, hold on to for a while. While this past week has been extraordinarily busy for me, I was Blessed enough to have a few snapshots that I would like to “put into my brain”. (This is what Tyler tells me when he wants me to remember something.)

Snapshot of Wyatt’s face when his Smash Cake gets set in front of him. He was looking from person to person as if to say, 

My Baby Loves Cake!!

 “Does someone see this cake right in front of me, Is someone going to say ‘no’.” That boy loved his cake!! (And if I knew how to add pictures here, I would prove it – I’ll be working on that!) 

Snapshot of a Conversation with Tyler (A prelude: Tyler has an ear that points at the top. Since he was born, he have lovingly joked that he was our little elf…..) We were eating lunch, and out of the blue, Tyler says (very seriously) “Why do people call me an elf, I play with toys, I don’t make them.” And then even more seriously, “And I came out of your belly, not from Santa Clause.” So Mommy had to explain it was teasing (like how we call Brendyn a monkey, even though we know he is not!) and that if it bothers him, he should say ‘Well God made me this way, so it must be good!’ At this point he said “Why, is everything God does good?” To which I explained that even the things that seem bad to us, God uses for some good reason. That everything God does is good, because God is good, and because he loves us so much. Tyler was impressed at this, and then said “Even, when I’m bad?” Yes, baby, even when you do things bad. Just like Mommy and Daddy still love you, even though we are not happy of the bad thing, we still love you, God loves you even more than that.  ~ Maybe in the retelling, it doesn’t seem as special, but for me, as a Mom, to find those opportunities to really show my kids, and for them to get that God loves us so much, and even those bad things are done for good. It is a thrill to my heart to be building this foundation for him.

Snapshot of Madelynne sleeping on my couch last night (her and I are the last holdouts on getting rid of this cold, and she must have been tired.) It is actually rare that I see or watch, or listen to my children sleep (except when they are babies). Once they are asleep, I wouldn’t dream of going into their rooms and turning on the light to sit and watch their little faces move in sleep, and listen to those little noises, but it was a rare moment and I enjoyed watching her sleep. Enjoyed it even more when she woke up for a moment and came and cuddled with her Mommy (she is not a cuddly girl!)

Five things I am thankful for today: Laundry that is mostly caught up, Ladies Meeting tonight, Revival coming up, Fudge, My children

Have a Blessed Day!


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