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Never Undersetimate the Tenacity of a Two-Year Old

on October 20, 2010

Adreya can crawl out of her crib. Puts one leg over, then the other, holds on and drops. Which is cute for about two seconds. See, she shares a room with the baby, and has decided that nap time isn’t so grand. So, about four seconds after Wyatt falls asleep, she jumps out of the pen, pushes the door open, and comes to find me! I can’t lay her back in there, because it would wake up Wyatt. So, I have been trying (all afternoon) to get her to take a nap in Mommy’s Bed. I have laid down with her (no dice). I have spoken to her, disciplined her, left her alone, and she will not let herself fall asleep, despite being tired. She has told me: “I need to go potty” (she is nowhere near potty trained…) “I need to go to Market to get Daddy.”, “I need a napkin.”, “I’m hungry.” “I need a blanket.” (Even though she has both our pillows, our sheet, and a comforter.) “I’m going to go play.” (uh, Sorry, No.) “I need to go home.” (Not sure where she thinks we are.) She has sang, whispered, recited Shakespeare (I didn’t understand it all, but I’m sure that’s what it was.) She has called to each of her sibling – “Tyler, I need you.” Brendyn, help me.” (Naptime is torturous.) So anyways, I’m holding out, waiting for her to close her eyes for longer than three seconds. Not sure what happened to our Ever-so-sweet One Year Old. Oh wait, She turned two. The tenacious, terrible, trying, terrific, twos!

Five Things I am Thankful for Today: Penpals, Free stuff, Church tonight, Books, Chocolate.

And I am changing my tag line. I have been wondering if saying “I hope you day is more blessed than mine” somehow infers that my day isn’t all that great. (Yeah, I’m an overthinker.) Anyways,

I Hope Your Day is Blessed!


2 responses to “Never Undersetimate the Tenacity of a Two-Year Old

  1. Ginni says:

    She just needs her Grammy!

  2. Jenny says:

    Ana has been saying “she needs to go home” too. 🙂 Silly Girls!

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