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The Perfect Mom

on October 18, 2010

I want so much to be the Perfect Mom. I want to be the Mom that has all the right answers to all my children’s questions. I want to know why they are crying by the pitch or sounds in their cry and be able to immediately comfort, soothe, pacify, and make all things right. I want to have the power to immediately restore peace and make all things good again. To have children who are always obedient, happy, polite, well-dressed, with every hair in place, and every Please and Thank you on the tips of their adorable tongues. I want to be that Mom. I want to answer every call for “Mommy”, every whimper, every cry. Be the Mom who can always say yes. Be the Mom who doesn’t need the nine-year old to help out sometimes. Be the Mom, who doesn’t need a break, the Mom whose hands aren’t too full or too busy for one more task. Be the Mom who is always cheerful. But I am not that Mom. I am flawed and imperfect. I want to have the baby that never cries in church. Or the two-year old who understands patience. The three-year old who is gentle and doesn’t push boundaries. The five-year old who can understand things that don’t fit the mold. The nine-year old that is quick to obey with a happy attitude. The children who always have a smile, who always listen the first time. Those kids that everyone loves and everyone wants to be around. I want those children. God gave me imperfect children, and gave our children imperfect parents.

But we were fortunate enough to be invited to our nephew’s Dedication. And I was reminded that God chose ME to be the Mother of these children. With all of my flaws and all of theirs, He knew I could handle it. And then I thought, maybe in some of my imperfections, my own children are learning a lesson. I raise independent children. But more than that, my children are Happy, even if I have to say “no”. And they are loved, and know that they are loved. And they LOVE God. My children are quick to pray and know that God right all wrongs, fix all attitudes (be it their brother’s, sister’s, or their own), heal all hurts, solve all problems, pacify all arguments. So, I guess, that even if I am not the greatest, most perfect example of a Parent, at least I know that I have taught them who is.

The truth is God chose me for them, and them for Me. I will parent with the end in mind, but holding on to these minutes as tightly as I can wrap my heart around them. They grow too fast, and these minutes are gone faster than I can blink. I will pray for them daily, hourly, sometimes minute-by-minute. And I will pray for me. That I am being exactly the Parent God wants me to be, that he will forgive all my flaws, and allow my children to forgive them too. That he will guard my eyes and ears from criticism. That I will keep on keeping on. Loving them everyday. Holding them, Kissing them, Hugging them, Being that Bad Guy, Being the Good Guy, Being the Imperfect Mother that I am.

Five Special Blessings to Me Today: Brendyn, Tyler, Madelynne, Adreya, Wyatt

I Hope Your Day is More Blessed than Mine!


One response to “The Perfect Mom

  1. Ginni says:

    You ARE a good mom. At the end of any day you have to know that you did the best you could, with the rescources you had for the day and made the best decisions possible with the facts at hand. And know that tomorrow is another day to do it again and maybe do it different. It’s good to have ‘better and best’ as a goal, but you also can’t beat yourself up over the reality of what is. Everybody has bad days, the little ones that are 1,2,3,5 and 9 … and all of us in the ‘double digits’ too. Hugs!!

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