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Ten for Ten

on October 3, 2010

I don’t know what is so special about January, and the New Year. Why is it that we only make Resolutions then. I am Resolved to make ten resolutions for October (the tenth month – maybe I should have thought of this in March….hmmm…). These are some bad habits, bad routines, whatever, that I have gotten into, that I need to get out of. I’ll try my best to keep them, or at least post about it if I fail. Feel free to reprimand appropriately.

1. I will NOT buy a candy bar in the check out lane at Wal-Mart just because they are there and I am there.

2. Pray more, Talk less (i.e. – less gossip – it’s hard to gossip about someone when you are truly praying for them)

3. Smile. Start and end every conversation (okay, most conversations) with a smile. Even if I don’t want to. Or I’m mad.

4. Don’t argue, just apologize. (If you have to argue to prove you are right, do you really win?)

5. Refocus. My main ministry is my family. I should not forget that.

6. Write thank you notes. I owe a few. I need to get them out. ASAP.

7. Stop counting to three. Not sure why I think the kids need three extra seconds to obey. I need to work on obedience being immediate.

8. Start counting to ten. (I do need ten extra seconds to stop, think, pray, and then respond.)

9. Stop eating a late night snack. Popcorn, and cheesecake, and yogurt are not my friends at ten o’clock at night. Although they do get along well with my hips. Unfortunately.

10. Start meal planning. We will eat better, and I will be less stressed if I will do the simple step of planning what we are going to eat for dinner and lunch each day.

Five Special Blessings to me Today: Adreya’s Birthday Party, Madelynne being the best kid at Market this morning, a helpful Brendyn, My stuff selling on Ebay (things are going good), Family

I Hope your day is more Blessed than Mine!


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