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The Magic Eraser is my BFF

on September 25, 2010

My sneaky children, who I *thought* were PLAYING in their rooms, were actually drawing me a very complex and artistic mural…on their walls (all four of them!) They also added arrows down the hallway pointing to the mural. It was done beautifully in pink, blue, yellow, and black crayon. There were pictures of the family (all 7 of us!!), a sun, lots of smiley faces, some kind of monster, and explosion….I never did ask for the story that the mural represented….Anyways, I have completely disintegrated two Magic Erasers, and I have two more in the box waiting for me to finish the job!

Madelynne was very disturbed by the fact that I was angry with her. She has been extra sweet lately, making sure to tell me she is “very sorry for doing that, Mama” and telling me that she loves me. Tyler told me it won’t happen again. (It was a joint effort!)

Last night, Tyler came in the room, and saw a 20/20 commercial on… He said “Mom, just how much is 20/20 anyways??” Took Brendyn to his Daddy yesterday and we were chatting about things on the way there. (We got stuck in some traffic jam because of a sink hole on 54….) He was telling me about ants and bees (he is learning about insects in Science.) Here is our conversation: Brendyn “Mom, do you know what the male ants do?” “No, what” “They just sit around all day and mate the queen.” (I thought this was funny…) Being the mom, I asked him what mate meant…He said “I think they just you know, get married, and stuff….”

I really think Wyatt is going to walk soon. He will walk with you and only need to hold one of your hands. He lets go and stands, and Austin said he saw Wyatt get up and stand in the middle of the room. It doesn’t get old, seeing your kids grow and seeing what they are learning and becoming capable of. 5 days til Princess #2’s birthday.

Five Special Blessings to me today: Spending time with the church family, A mom who is my friend, A sister who is so excited about her boyfriend (you just can’t help but smile when talking to her – her excitement is contagious), Kids who after being naughty want to make things right with Mom, and God’s Word, always available to me whenever I need encouragement, learning, peace, understanding, love, joy, etc.

Hope your day is more blessed than mine!


One response to “The Magic Eraser is my BFF

  1. Ginni says:

    Did you take a picture of the mural??? I remember a couple of little girls drawing a picture like that on the wall next to a bunkbed. Glad you are blogging again!

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