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Growing, Growing

on September 15, 2010

We are having a week of growth, or at least check-ups. Wyatt and Tyler went yesterday, and are both on target and doing great. They are both in the 75th % for height, and 50% for weight. Wyatt, no surprise, has a head circumference in the 90th %. We know it is just because he is going to be a genius, and thus needs that giant head to support all the brain activity.

I also got to see our little baby via ultrasound today. It was there right in front of my eyes, with its little heartbeat going. Amazing to see, every time! Baby is measuring a week small, so they are going to do another US on Tuesday to see how things are going. Being a week small could be normal, or it could mean a problem, so we are just going to pray and trust God. I have been put on a few restrictions. The doctor told me she would be happy to write me a note for bedrest, but who would I give it to? I am just going to take it easy and pray.

Five Special Blessings to me today: Seeing the baby on the US and seeing the heartbeat, A 9-year-old son who is big enough and willing to help, A 5-year-old son who will pray heaven down praying for Mommy and the baby, Girls that want to feel the baby, A baby already that is growing so big and is going to be a big brother, and as an added bonus today: A God that listens and answers prayers.

Hope your day is more blessed than mine!


One response to “Growing, Growing

  1. Ginni says:

    The verse talking about the faith of a child is definately talking about Tyler! He talks to God with such openness and faith and fully expecting that God is going to do exactly what Tyler just asked for. He’s definately one of my favorite kids!

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